Cheap Kimono of online shop(from Rakuten Global Market)


Cheap Kimono of online shopHallo,I’m Yuni. This web site Administrator.

I wear Kimono every day and convey to Japanese young people on Kimono good point. 

Because,now Japanese young people can not  wear kimono.

and they don’t know how to wear kimono.

Until about 100 years ago, kimono was the everyday wear to japanese people.

But we don’t know this things.Kimono is important Japanese culture and resources.

Please lend your power In order to not extinct. This is my wish.

I am studying English now. Please forgiveness my poor English.

Thank you that visited this site.

Cheap Kimono of online shop(from Rakuten Global Market)

Cheap Kimono of online shop:Check Point「Must item」

Introduce the must item when you buying a kimono for the first time.

Required items are a total 12 item.

  1. Kimono…Japanese(着物)
  2. Obi(Nagoyaobi)…Japanese(帯/名古屋帯)
  3. Obiage…Japanese(帯揚げ)
  4. Obijime…Japanese(帯締め)
  5. Nagajyuban…Japanese(長襦袢)
  6. Tabi(socks)……Japanese(足袋)
  7. Zori or Geta…Japanese(草履or下駄)
  8. Koshihimo…Japanese(腰紐)
  9. Erishin…Japanese(襟芯)
  10. Obiita…Japanese(帯板)
  11. Obimakura…Japanese(帯枕)
  12. Korin belt…Japanese(コーリンベルト)

You can wear kimono with or more tool.

Cheap set may not Including must item.

Cheap Kimono of online shop:Check Point「Other item」

You may also can wear kimono without these items.

  1. Hadagi(肌着)&Susoyoke(裾除け)…This is Japanese Kimono Underwear. Substitute⇒Camisole or Tank top,Petticoat or Slip.(It  design must have come up with back)
  2. Magic belt(マジックベルト)&Datejime(伊達締め)…This is a tool of the same role.Substitute⇒Koshihimo
  3. Haori(羽織り)…This is cape.
  4. Han-eri(半衿)…This is attachment collar.
  5. Obidome(帯留め)…This is a Obi accessories.

You might be consider buying.

If you want to enjoy a more fashionable,and you want to be a more convenient.

Cheap Kimono of online shop:Best shops that I choose

Rakuten Global Market, there are many Kimono site.

However , kind site is still few.

I think this shop site is the best for English people.


Cheap Kimono of online shop

Cheap Kimono of online shop:The best shop reason

It has all the must item tool.Most of the article are written in English.

It might be feel seemingly high price.But,other site have option price.

Therefore,This set is recommended for the most beginners.

I hope you will enjoy kimono life.